How to Remove Coffee Stains from mugs

I remembered the time I was an intern for a company. It was the first day and after the important things covered we had a short tour around. In the pantry, the manager pointed to the mugs and said that these are for any staff to use. She reminded me to wash it clean each time after usage and put it back to where it was.

The young, excited me was grateful. Free coffee, free mugs to use.. Ah, working life is great.

The first mug I took had obvious coffee stains. That’s okay, I’ll choose another one. Same thing. I peeked in the third mug and that was it. I simply brought my own for the rest of my internship there.

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Look, the stains are disgusting, even if you are using it for yourself. Does it cause health problems in the long run? I’m not sure and I’m not going to test it on myself, that’s for sure. Unappealing? Definitely.

There are natural and safer solutions that can help to remove the coffee stains from your favourite mugs. And they are not that difficult or expensive to get either!


With Lemon

These guys can be found easily at your local market or the high-end supermarkets. Lemons are both great for your health as well as an effective cleaning agent!

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the stained areas of your cup. Make sure to get them all coated well. Let it be for 10-15 minutes. 

With a wet cloth, rub off the lemon juice covered stains. Get every inch of them off!

Rinse with water (I feel that warm water works better) and repeat again till there are no stains left.

*Tip: For those stubborn stains, try sprinkling some salt on top of the lemon juice and sit them together for another 10-15 minutes!

With Baking Soda

I’ve heard baking soda used for whitening or bleaching agent more than I’ve heard it used for cooking or baking.

Try adding a teaspoon or 2 of baking soda into your mug then add some water to make a puree paste thickness. Spread the paste around, coating the stained areas. 

Take a dry cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, to scrub the spots and rinse the residue out.

Repeat the steps until you have removed all the stains!


With Vinegar

Another popular product that is known for its cleaning abilities - Vinegar. This method would require a bit more steps but if you have time on hand or would like to try something new, this is for you!

Heat up a cup of distilled white vinegar. It must be hot enough for this to work.

Pour the hot vinegar into your stained cup or mug and let it sit for a good three hours or you can even leave overnight.

With clean water, rinse the vinegar water out and the stains should be washed out as well. If not, you can repeat the steps until you are satisfied with the results.

Drink Clean

Coffee Stains | Sticky Earth Ceramics Singapore

There are great, simple and organic ways to remove the stains from your mugs. As a coffee lover myself, drinking at least 3 cups of coffee a day, these tips were useful to me because those stains were really a pain in the eyes.

Also, it’s not that appealing to serve you guests stained cups either. A little effort goes a long way! 

These ideas are not limited to cups and mugs but your pots as well. Now you coffee (or tea) lovers can continue to have your fix the same and also remove the stains, the smart way.

Of course there is a (super) easier alternative and I feel that it works wonderfully for me. What I absolutely love about this Astonish’s coffee and tea stain remover is that it leaves no aftertaste or odor. Only a clean cup, as good as new.

Astonish's Coffee & Tea Remover | Sticky Earth Ceramics Singapore



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